Political Cartoon 2

Nick Anderson by Nick Anderson February 24th 2010

Nick Anderson by Nick Anderson February 24th 2010

Slant: Middle

   This is about as straight forward as it gets. It’s not exceptionally insightful. Every political cartoonist has their own Toyota comic and regardless of their political slant they all tend to be pretty similar. I decided to post this one because it made me laugh. The absurdity of the juxtaposition between the top-fuel funny car dragster and the old lady getting into the Toyota and the defeatist attitude of the pit crew chief caught me off guard. Clearly this cartoon is a simple reference to the sticking accelerators in some Toyotas that has recently cropped up.

  While this cartoon does not offend me or make any particular statement that is any different than what anyone else is saying about the issue it does make me curious. Has anyone bothered to figure out how many people have been killed by this malfunction? I can’t find any numbers that seem to have any corroboration. Now I’ll have to dig a little deeper and see what I can find. But then that’s the point. Even if this cartoon or any like it doesn’t offer any real insight into the issue it got me thinking about it.


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