Debbie Almontaser: Sad but True

   In my experience the people who believe in the absolute objectivity of their actions, words, thoughts, and opinions are ideologues, zealots, and raving lunatics. However, while no news source, paper or otherwise, can be entirely objective, it can also be said that no news source should strive to be partisan without openly identifying itself as such. Unfortunately reporters like this can sometimes give cover to those who would do us harm. How can I trust the stories in the New York Post when they make such blatant rookie mistakes and tell seemingly outright lies about the subjects they don’t like? It is like the boy who cried wolf. Fortunately if they ever do come across someone truly dangerous I’m sure that I’ll hear about it from more legitimate news sources.

            “Is there a nuanced answer to 9/11?” First of all 9/11 is not a question. It is a date on which an event occurred. If the question is: Was 9/11 bad or wrong or tragic? Then there is no nuanced answer. The rationalization of the purposeful mass killing of civilians of any religion/nationality/other is not nuanced, it is insane. As far as whether or not our action precipitated the 9/11 attacks I believe it is foolish to deal with it in anything but a nuanced fashion. There is a big difference between understanding mistakes made by the U.S. that gave madmen what they believe to be justification to attack us and arguing that 9/11 was in fact justified. We are also put in greater danger when we dismiss out of hand the possibility (or certainty) that our actions have repercussions.

            I personally feel that in this case an intelligent woman such as Almontaser should have done a better job making sure she was in the clear and not associated with anything that could be construed as lending credence to doubts over the wrongness of 9/11. While it is unfortunate, it is the way of the world. She should have known what dangers could be out there for a Muslim in public life following 9/11. It is one thing to work toward a world free of bigotry but it’s another to pretend that you’re already there. She especially should have been aware that given any chance The New York Post would run her into the ground.

            It seems to me that someone as valuable to the city of New York as Almontaser should not have been fired but in a world of post-9/11 emotion sometimes perception can be more important than reality, for everyone. I believe she was smeared and dearly wish she hadn’t but again in today’s world you have to watch every word you say and sometimes every word you don’t say.


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