Political Cartoon 1

Nick Anderson by Nick Anderson February 24th 2010

Slant: Middle

   This cartoon touches on the comments made by Republican Party leadership in the days leading up to the recent healthcare summit. The sign on the wall is supposed to represent what President Obama’s intention for the summit was. The comment by the generic Republican (depicted as an elephant) implies that having to plainly state their healthcare goals would be bad for them. The overall statement of the cartoon is that for the Republican Party it is more advantageous to criticize Democratic ideas for healthcare and be silent about their own.

   I was not personally offended by this cartoon as I agree with the general point. Though I will point out that depicting the Republicans as generic by making them all elephants and not the individuals they represent may be construed as mocking the Republicans as homogeneous. I’d like to think that this was purposeful. However, to be fair to the opposition party the tactic of offering no ideas in order to avoid public scrutiny is an old and bipartisan one. The Democrats have no one to blame but themselves. Had they started from a liberal position (single payer) instead of a center left one (public option) then perhaps the opposition would have been scared into playing ball. That is my position and should not be read as being that of this cartoon or Mr. Anderson.


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